New third-party funding: Ready to Study: Entry into Humanities and Social Sciences




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As part of the "Digital Campus - Digitally Prepared to Study" funding program, the project "Ready to Study: Getting Started in the Humanities and Social Sciences" has been approved.

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The plan is to make digital teaching material available to prospective Ukrainian students in the concrete form of an introductory preparatory course that can be completed at the student's own learning pace, in order to use subject-specific questions to guide students in acquiring the learning and personality habitus for successful humanities studies at a German university. This course is intended to serve as a low-threshold offering and to provide a first insight into university learning, although it could also provide a concrete, credit-bearing entry into a degree program. While the content of the course material is indeed in the area of theological and religious studies, the emphasis will be on social science issues that provide prospective students with a cultural hermeneutical perspective on processes of social (and religious) change. In this way, prospective students will already be familiar with the concrete problems and course contents of the Bachelor's program in Social Sciences at RWTH Aachen University and related programs. Furthermore, it is planned to create the possibility of a credited recognition of the preparatory course within the first propaedeutic module of this very study program, in order to generate an additional incentive for the entry into the study program.


Projekt info

Project responsibility: Christina Kumpmann

Duration: 07.2022-12.2022

Funded by the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst / German Academic Exchange Service
Funding program "Digital Campus - Digitally Prepared to Study".