Successful graduation Carlos Alberto Romero Otalora

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The Institute would like to congratulate Carlos Alberto Romero Otalora on the successful completion of his doctorate.Carlos A. Romero O. is Colombian. In his doctoral thesis, he studied the educational system of his homeland and compared it with classical German and European educational ideals. His conclusion is that Colombia, a country ravaged by war and violence, urgently needs a new educational narrative that unites all strata of the population. Only a "good life" for all, a "buen vivir," can overcome the postcolonial narratives and the associated consequences of a one-sided neoliberal education policy.The title of his work runs: En debate con la educadion universitaria en Colombia desde una perspectiva intercultural. El concepto de Bildung y Buen Vivir como narrativas alternativas al paradigma del Human Development / The classical concept of education and good living as an alternative narrative to human development.