Theology and Digitalization


The introduction of networked computer systems has permanently transformed both the reality of people's lives and scientific working methods. This becomes clear in the production and distribution of knowledge, in the construction and negotiation of values, in communication behaviour and beyond.

In Aachen, this transformation and the resulting consequences are examined for theological fields of work and religious spaces. This includes digitalised teaching of theology in schools and universities as well as the integration of computer-supported methods for answering theological questions and ethical reflections on media- and technology-ethical research subjects.

In researching the interplay between theology and digitalisation, three currents come together that are characteristic of research in Aachen:

  1. Affinity to technical developments and corresponding networking as part of the institute's identity at a technical university.
  2. Positioning in the discourse on digital humanities in terms of content, methodologies and theory formation
  3. Cultural studies with a global perspective (Religion in a Global Context) as a starting point for reflecting on the digital transformation of religious practices and questions of technology ethics.