Crisis and Reorientation. Biblical sense of election



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For the Old Testament, the "Babylonian Exile" is to be understood as the central motor of the emergence of literature. The reflection refers not only to the political transformations connected with it, but also to theological foundations. The development of monotheism had consequences not only for the image of God but also for Israel's self-image. The profound identity crisis that developed as a result triggered various lines of debate in which, among other things, the boundaries of belonging to "Israel" were negotiated.

One concept that becomes significant for the further negotiation of identity is that of chosenness. This not only has a relevant history of impact (cf. the designation of Judaism as "Chosen people"), but is also used in the OT for various theological lines and experiences traceable different interpretations. The concept of chosenness shows how identity constructions depend on building on traditional ideas and transforming them in innovative ways.