Naghmeh Jahan

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Research and Teaching Area for Systematic Theology and Religious Studies




Naghmeh Jahan was born and grown in Iran. Before coming to Germany in 2004, she lived in Turkey for about seven years.

July 2008: Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Missiology at the Missionsseminar Hermannsburg/The University of Birmingham

October 1st, 2011–September 30th, 2012: Research assistant in the junior research group of the “Ratio Religionis” at the Georg-August University of Göttingen, with Prof. Dr. Andreas Grünschloss

July 11th, 2011: Master of Arts in Religious Studies with external module packages “Protestant Theology and Iranian Studies” at the University of Göttingen

July 23th, 2012: Diploma of the Protestant Theology at the University of Göttingen

WS 2019/20 and WS 2020/21: Lecturer in religious studies at the University of Jena

May 2020: PhD in religious studies at the University of Jena

Since November 2020: Research assistant and habilitation candidate at the Institute for Catholic Theology at RWTH Aachen University


Scientific workshops, lectures and exhibitions

October 6th, 2016 – October 9th 2016: Participation in a church training for honorary preachers in Neudietendorf on the topic “Old Testament figures and topics in the New Testament and in the Qur’an” together with Prof. Dr. Dr. Bertram Schmitz and Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Niebuhr from Jena.

January 22th, 2018: Workshop on the topic “Old Testament texts in the light of the Quran tradition. Introduction and exercise to texts from the story of Abraham” at the University of Leipzig

March 2nd, 2020 – March 4th, 2020: scientific lecture at the WGTh specialist group conference on the topic “The mysterious Idrīs/إدريس – The reception of the figure of Enoch in early Islamic literature”

October 1st – 23th, 2020: Exhibition “Signs of Mercy. The interreligious depth of Sura 57 An exegetical installation with script images and calligraphy” in Frankfurt together with Prof. Dr. Dr. Bertram Schmitz, calligraphic design by Naghmeh Jahan

August 30th – September 2nd, 2021: Scientific lecture on “Idris as a prophetic figure in Islam and its biblical references” at the AGAT conference (Prophecy in Tenach, Bible and Qur’an: Contours - Structures - Figures)

January 19th, 2022: Workshop at the study day of the University of Jena together with Prof. Dr. Dr. Bertram Schmitz on the subject: “You are beautiful, my friend” (Hld 1:15) - to this day: ...must profound “rabbinic dialogues” in the gospel actually be so polemical?!



Das Urbild der himmlischen Tafel (al-lauḥ al-maḥfūẓ/اللّوْح الْمَحفُوظ) als imaginäres Fundament des Islams, in: Seehausen, Lena/Enke, Paulus/Herzer, Jens (Eds.): Religion als Imagination. Phänomene des Menschseins in den Horizonten theologischer Lebensdeutung, Festschrift für Marco Frenschkowski, Leipzig 2020, pp. 227–239.

Das Konzept des ewigen transzendenten Buches: Erscheinungsformen und Modifikationen im Alten Orient, Judentum, Christentum und Islam. Religionen Aktuell 28, Baden-Baden 2020 (Dissertation).

Der mysteriöse Idrīs/إدريس – Die Rezeption der Henochgestalt in der frühislamischen Literatur, in: Kunz-Lübcke, Andreas (Ed.): Dissidenten, Außenseiter und Querulanten. Literarische und historische Gestalten in religiösen Kontexten außerhalb des Normativen, VWGTh 65, Leipzig 2021, pp. 189–212.


Research focus, habilitation topic, language skills

Research Focus

Understanding of the scriptures of the religions, especially the holy scriptures of Judaism, Christianity and Islam as well as the canonical and non-canonical scriptures. Islamic Anthropology, Aesthetics and Body Concepts in Islam

Habilitation topic (current research project)

“The Aesthetic Dimension of the Human Body in Islam - A Religious Study from the Origin of Islam to the Present”

Language skills

Modern languages: Persian (mother tongue), Turkish, English, German, Arabic, basic knowledge of modern Hebrew

Ancient Languages: Ancient Greek, Ancient Hebrew, Latin, Aramaic, Ottoman Turkish